Man accused of attempting to stab flight attendant

A man is accused of attempting to stab a flight attendant after being confronted about trying to disarm the plane's side door.

A United Airlines plane takes off
A United Airlines plane takes off
David Zalubowski/AP

Passengers tackled a man accused of trying to open an emergency door and stab a flight attendant on a flight from Los Angeles to Boston. 

Approximately 45 minutes before landing on Sunday, an alarm reportedly went off in the cockpit, signifying that the door between the first class and coach sections was disarmed. A flight attendant noticed that to door's locking handle had also been moved out of the fully-locked position. 

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts said a fellow flight attendant observed Severo Torres, 33, near the door. 

A Frontier Airlines plane.

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A flight attendant confronted Torres and he reportedly asked if there were cameras showing that he tampered with the door.

Believing Torres posed a threat to the aircraft, the flight attendant reportedly told the captain to land the plane as soon as possible. 

A short time later, officials said Torres got out of his seat and approached the side door. 

"Torres then allegedly thrust towards one of the flight attendants in a stabbing motion with a broken metal spoon, hitting the flight attendant on the neck area three times," U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Massachusetts said in a statement. 

Passengers then reportedly tackled and restrained Torres with the help of the flight crew. 

Authorities took him into custody after the flight landed in Boston. 

He remains in custody pending a hearing on March 9. 

Prosecutors say Torres faces up to life in prison if he's convicted on charges of attempting to interfere with a flight crew and using a dangerous weapon. 

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