Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening George W. Bush

The Secret Service arrested 44-year-old Benjamin Smith. Authorities found him with a loaded gun, a machete and a container of gasoline.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening George W. Bush
The White House

‚ÄčA man is in custody after police say he threatened to kill former president George W. Bush in an effort to get closer to his eldest daughter Barbara Bush.

“The Secret Service arresting 44-year-old Benjamin Smith in Manhattan, armed with a loaded rifle, machete and a container of gasoline. He screamed Bush will get his as he was dragged away.” (Via Fox News)

According to KSNV, Smith claimed he was divorced and was pursuing a romantic relationship with Barbara — who lives in New York City.

Authorities were able to intervene after receiving a tip from Smith’s family.

“His mother called police after finding a note in his bedroom that said quote, ‘I’m going to work for George W. Bush and the Pentagon. I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush is mine.’” (Via KGTV)

New York Daily News reports the secret service tracked Smith down using his cell phone. Smith’s defense attorney claims the suspect never sent a direct threat to the president.

 A writer for The Telegraph reports many attempts are kept under the radar in order to prevent encouraging others.

As for this latest threat against former President Bush, as of yet, no official charges have been filed against Smith.