Man Loses 400 Pounds After Meeting Friend On App

A Michigan man lost nearly 400 pounds after an opponent on the app "Draw Something" encouraged him to change his lifestyle.

Man Loses 400 Pounds After Meeting Friend On App

A Michigan man lost nearly 400 pounds after meeting a friend through an app, something he could have never "drawn" up without the help of a woman thousands of miles away. WTVR has his story. 

"Meet Brian Flemming and he weighed 625 pounds, he was an alcoholic when he met a woman in 2012 through a random match on "Draw Something" a pictionary-like game." (Via WTVR)

For those of who are unfamiliar with "Draw Something," it's a social drawing app in which friends and strangers alike try to guess what their opponent is drawing. 

And this app led Flemming to meet the women who would help him turn his life around.

CNN reports Flemming was 30 years young and weighed 625 pounds in the spring of 2012 when he met Jackie Eastham, a woman 20 years older than him from England. At the time, Flemming frequented fast food restaurants and drank a fifth of vodka with a liter of soda every day to fill the void left by depression.

But that soon changed when Flemming confided in Eastham about his struggles. To his surprise, Eastham, who suffers from the muscle-wasting disease muscular dystrophy, was not sympathetic. 

Flemming wrote in his RunKeeper blog, "She was angry with me. She told me that I was wasting my life and that I should be ashamed that I was throwing it away when there are so many people out there who are fighting to stay alive... She seemed to be losing patience with me, and ​I was afraid I was going to lose her." ​(Via RunKeeper / Brian Flemming

Flemming says in his MyFitnessPal blog he quit drinking cold-turkey in October 2012. A few months later, he says he lost 100 pounds from just cutting out alcohol. He then added eating healthy and exercising into his daily routine which helped him lose an additional 300 pounds. (Via MyFitnessPal / Brian3245)

Flemming's most recent blog post says he is down to 234 pounds. He added he plans on getting surgery to remove 30 pounds of extra skin and he has his eyes set on running a marathon.