Man Rides On Trunk Of Car In The Middle Of The Highway

Video taken by a driver in North Carolina shows a man riding on the back of a car in the middle of the highway. Police are still looking for the man.

Man Rides On Trunk Of Car In The Middle Of The Highway

Bored of your daily commute? Ever tried riding on the outside of your car instead? One man, caught on camera in North Carolina, did exactly that.  

Brenda Cruz was driving on I-77 and recorded this video on her phone, which shows the unidentified man leaning back on the trunk of the car, which she says was going around 50 mph. (Via LiveLeak)

"The Cruz family say they saw the man on the back of the car break the back windshield and climb inside. 'Whenever he lifted his hand to smash the glass open it looked like it was something sharp.'" (Via WSOC)

Local media outlets, including The Charlotte Observer, report authorities are looking for the man in the video, who they suspect knew the driver. (Via The Charlotte Observer)

Strangely enough, this is actually the second time in the last week someone riding a car the wrong way has made the news. 

A New Mexico man was recently arrested and charged with negligent child abuse for driving in donuts while a teenager "car surfed" on top of the vehicle. (Via KRWG)

So unless you're Bruce Willis or 007, consider keeping things conventional next time and actually stay in the car.