Man Ticketed For Giving Heads Up On DUI Checkpoint

Doug Odolecki made a sign warning drivers to turn in order to avoid a DUI checkpoint. He was issued a citation, and police confiscated the sign.

Man Ticketed For Giving Heads Up On DUI Checkpoint
YouTube / greaterclevelandcopblock

An Ohio man took it upon himself to warn drivers of an upcoming DUI checkpoint, and now he's feeling the heat. 

"Freedom of speech or obstruction of justice? Controversy over this sign held by Parma resident Doug Odolecki standing on the sidewalk."

"They wanted to make me take down my sign." (Via WOIO)

Odolecki was given a ticket, and the police confiscated the sign. 

Northeast Ohio Media Group reports officers are already required to let residents know a week before a DUI checkpoint is set up. "And a few hours before, the exact location, start and end times must be available to the public."

So it's safe to say Odolecki wasn't telling the public any information that wasn't already available. But police say it was the language on the sign that obstructed justice.

Officers took issue with the "turn now" part of the sign.


"You're being issued a citation for obstructing official business." ​(Via YouTube / greaterclevelandcopblock)

Odolecki says police check points are an abuse of power. Some of the stats:

"Parma police have approximately four checkpoints a year, according to a spokesperson. Last Friday, 1,592 vehicles entered the checkpoint and 499 were checked." (Via WJW-TV)

In a video of the incident posted on YouTube, you can see the officers approaching Odolecki calmly and telling him he can keep the sign.

"You can stand here with the sign, but you have to get rid of the 'turn now.'"

WJW-TV reports Odolecki plans to fight the ticket in court.