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Man travels across the country by bike with cat

After traveling through 34 states and going 15,000 miles, Caleb Werntz and his cat Marilyn are ready for a new home.

Caleb Werntz and cat Marilyn
Chatham Fire Department

Caleb Werntz has been on quite a journey. The 31-year-old has spent the last few years biking across America with his cat Marilyn. 

According to Werntz, the two have been through 34 states and traveled over 15,000 miles. 

He said that when COVID-19 struck, he lost his job and housing in Oregon. He decided to use that as an opportunity to start a project called Calico Cycles. 

“The goal of the project is to inspire people through my travels to be happier and do more of what they love,” he wrote. 

Werntz said that he spent the winter in Austin, Texas, going back to work and building up his savings. In March, he decided it was time for him and Marilyn to get back on the road. 

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Werntz biked from Austin to Maine. Along the way, he made stops throughout the U.S., which he documented on his Instagram account. One was at the Chatham, Illinois, fire department. 

The fire department offered him a shower, laundry and a meal before sending him on his way. 

“As we were looking into his amazing story we were awed by the journey these two have been on,” the department wrote.

After two months on the road, Werntz said he and Marilyn are looking to settle in Portland, Maine.