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A Man Signed Work Emails Using A Woman's Name — It Was 'Hell'

"I was getting sick of his shit when I noticed something."

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Martin R. Schneider was confused when he found himself in an unpleasant and unusual exchange with a client. He said the client was being "rude" and "dismissive."

But then he noticed a minor detail — his emails were set to his co-worker's signature, Nicole Hallberg.

When Schneider realized the mix-up, he and Hallberg decided to run an experiment and swapped email signatures for two weeks. 

After this started gaining traction on Twitter, Hallberg took to her blog to share her side of the story.

Hallberg says this isn't the first time she's experienced sexism on the job. When she first started, she recounts: "My boss complimented me and himself, saying that 'I wasn’t going to consider hiring any females, but I’m glad I did. You should be proud; I had thousands of applications, but yours stuck out to me and made me decide to give hiring a girl a try.' Interesting."