Man Wearing 'Breaking Bad' Shirt Arrested On Meth Charges

The T-shirt depicted the logo of the fictional fast food chain "Los Pollos Hermanos" — the one run on the show by meth kingpin Gustavo Fring.

Man Wearing 'Breaking Bad' Shirt Arrested On Meth Charges

When the police are the one who knocks, here's a T-shirt you might not want to be wearing — especially if you're running a meth lab out of your house.

A Chicago area man was recently arrested on charges related to methamphetamine production. The shirt on his back? You guessed it, a "Breaking Bad" T-shirt. (Via WMAQ)

Specifically, it was a T-shirt featuring the logo of the fictional fast food chain Los Pollos Hermanos — the one run by meth kingpin Gustavo Fring on the show. (Via AMC / "Breaking Bad")

It was a fashion faux pas later confirmed in a tweet by Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart. "For those asking - yes, Daniel Kowalski was actually wearing a @Los_Pollos_ABQ shirt at the time of arrest." (Via Twitter / @TomDart)

Well, in his defense — at least he was wearing pants. (Via AMC / "Breaking Bad")

Police were reportedly acting on an anonymous tip when they carried out the raid at the LaGrange, Ill., home of 21-year-old Daniel Kowalski around 6:45 p.m. Monday. (Via Google Maps)

Complex called it a case of "life imitating art," noting that inside the home police found chemicals, burners, beakers and even a dozen jars of psychedelic mushrooms. No word on whether any blue meth was found. 

Clearly a fan of the show, though, Kowalski didn't seem to get the message that a life in the meth biz usually doesn't end well. As Gawker notes, he's faced meth charges before. "Somewhat unsurprisingly, this isn't Kowalski's first meth-related arrest; this past July, he was put on electronic monitoring after police found a suspected meth lab in [his] home."

Kowalski now faces felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of meth manufacturing materials.

He should probably lawyer up.

Saul Goodman: "Better call Saul!" (Via AMC / "Breaking Bad")