Man who tried to abduct barista in drive-thru is arrested

Police shared video of a man grabbing a worker's arm and trying to bind it with a zip-tie.

Footage of a man in a drive-thru
Footage of a man in a drive-thru
via Auburn Police Department

Police in Washington arrested a man they say tried to abduct a barista.

The Auburn Police Department posted a video of a truck driving up to a drive-thru window at 5 a.m. on Monday. The suspect is seen grabbing the barista's arm when the worker attempts to give him cash back. He appeared to try and secure the woman's arm with a looped zip tie but failed.

The suspect drove off as the cash fell to the ground.

Police highlighted the man's tattoo which appears to say "Chevrolet," hoping someone would be able to identify him.

The Auburn Police Department tweeted Tuesday, "After overwhelming support from the community, APD has arrested a suspect in this case."

Police haven't said what charges he will face.

Auburn is located in King County, between Seattle and Tacoma.