Manhunt Continues For Three Inmates After Helicopter Escape

Authorities are looking for Yves Denis, Denis Lefebvre and Serge Pomerleau after they reportedly escaped a Canadian prison via a helicopter.

Manhunt Continues For Three Inmates After Helicopter Escape
Guillaume Dumas / CBC

In an escape fashioned after something you'd really be more likely to see on TV or in a movie, three inmates have escaped a Quebec City prison using a helicopter

A massive manhunt is currently underway for Yves Denis, Denis Lefebvre and Serge Pomerleau after a green helicopter landed briefly and helped them escape the Orsainville Detention Centre. (Via CTV News

CBC reports the men have previous ties to Hells Angels and that at least one was arrested in 2010 in a drug operation bust named "Project Crayfish".

A spokeswoman for the Quebec Provincial Police said that they were working with airports in the area to help locate the helicopter. (Via

You're probably thinking that this is pretty rare, as far as brazen prison breaks with helicopters go — right? Actually...

"A Quebec prison break that used a commandeered helicopter to airlift two inmates to freedom..." (Via CBC)

"It was a prison break that caught the world's attention, and tonight new details are emerging about that audacious escape from a Quebec prison..." (Via Global News)

Both of those clips are from another prison break that used a helicopter just over a year ago in March. 

In that instance, the The Telegraph wrote that two men hijacked a tourist helicopter and used it to lower a rope into the Saint-Jérôme prison. They and the two men they picked up, one of which had ties to the Hells Angles, were caught within a few hours of the escape. 

The Orsainville Detention Centre, where this latest prison break took place, was the scene of a fire and violent skirmish in 2010 that left two inmates dead; and a riot supposedly triggered by a smoking ban in 2007.