March Madness Fan Misses $100K Because 'Pick Didn't Save'

An incredibly unlucky March Madness fan apparently missed out on $100,000 because his bracket didn't have a winner.

March Madness Fan Misses $100K Because 'Pick Didn't Save'

How does it feel to be one click away from $100,000? Well I don't know for sure but I can imagine ...  

"Nooooooo!!!!!" (Via MGM/UA Entertainment Company / "A Christmas Story")

Prior to yesterday's NCAA Championship game between the Connecticut Huskies and the Kentucky Wildcats, (Via The Register Citizen, The Hartford Courant, The Day)

"Corey's Champion Bracket" was the fourth best out of the literally millions of brackets that were filled out for Warren Buffet's "Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge." And even thought it wasn't good enough for the $1 billion, 

"The top 20 brackets will win $100,000 dollars."

Here's some bracketology for ya. Eleven of the Sweet 16, seven of the Elite Eight and Three of the Final Four. Considering the many upsets this year, Corey had one hell of a bracket. 

But there was one big problem, this amazing bracket hadn't chosen a winner!

And to make matters worse, the person behind Corey Johnson claims to be a life-long UConn fan and, of course, Shabazz Napier and the Huskies won the National Championship, 60 to 54. (Via University of Connecticut)

Both the Bleacher Report and Deadspin say they caught up with Johnson.

He told Deadspin he picked UConn as his champion but his pick didn't save, and when he found out (quote), "It was like hitting the winning shot, then being told the clock had already expired."

So how does one cope with missing out on $100,000? Well, according to Bleacher Report, Johnson found his mom and he hugged her — probably really, really tight. 

"First person I went to when I found out. ... Went straight to my mom's job and was like, 'I got to give her a hug.' I need a mom hug."

Despite the missed opportunity, both outlets report the man behind "Corey's Champion Bracket" was a good sport about the whole thing.