Marvel-Netflix Miniseries To Benefit From N.Y. Tax Credits

Netflix has announced a brand-new Marvel miniseries slated to start filming in New York state. The series will follow Marvel's Defenders.

Marvel-Netflix Miniseries To Benefit From N.Y. Tax Credits

On the heels of Netflix's big "House of Cards" season two release, the streaming service has unveiled a Marvel miniseries slated to start filming in 2015.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Netflix, Disney, Marvel and New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a joint announcement Wednesday, with one Netflix executive saying, "Marvel is a known and loved brand that travels."

The upcoming series, called "Flawed Heroes of Hell's Kitchen," would film 60 one-hour episodes in New York state. According to the governor's office, it will bring approximately 3,000 jobs to the region, 400 of which would be full-time. 

As The Wall Street Journal notes, Cuomo has used "a robust tax credit program" to make New York a more popular place for blockbuster films and TV shows to set up shop. 

Cuomo told Variety, "[California] stole the industry from us. ... This is just its rightful return." (Via Wikimedia Commons / Pat Arnow)

The Marvel miniseries is just the latest development in an even bigger deal between media giant Disney and the popular on-demand service Netflix. 

Back in December, Netflix acquired the exclusive rights to Disney films, beginning in 2016, for about $200 million. (Via Walt Disney Studios)

Disney's CEO said of the new deal: "This is a really smart deal for Netflix. ... Turning to branded programming is a smart and big step for them." (Via Bloomberg)

The miniseries will follow the Defenders — that's Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Each of the heroes will get their own 13-episode series. (Via Marvel)

As you can imagine, this has comic book fanatics pretty excited — not necessarily about just Daredevil or just Jessica Jones, but rather about the full package. (Via Twitter)

"It sounds like they will all be very interconnected shows. It sounds like they all take place in Hell's Kitchen so you could set up the characters knowing each other." (Via IGN)

MTV dives even deeper into predictions, writing: "Robert Downey Jr. might not stop in, but our heroes could still visit Stark Tower, or glimpse Iron Man flying over the skyline. ... Could the Defenders show up in a sure-to-be-climactic 'Avengers 3?'"

Calm down, everybody, they haven't even started filming.