Media, Industry Groups React To Calif. Plastic Bag Ban

California is the first state in the country to ban single-use plastic bags in grocery, liquor and convenience stores.

Media, Industry Groups React To Calif. Plastic Bag Ban
Katheirne Hitt / CC BY ND 2.0

California's first-in-the-country ban on plastic bags is now law.

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law Tuesday, banning single-use plastic bags in California grocery stores after July 2015, and convenience stores and liquor stores a year later. (Video via GovernorBrown / YouTube)

In a statement about the new legislation, Brown points out "over 120 local governments in California have passed ordinances banning single-use bags." So there was some level of local support for the plastic ban.

But that didn't stop some in the media from sharing their colorful opinions on the matter.

MELISSA FRANCIS VIA FOX NEWS: "Speaking of stupid governments, Governor Gerry Brown has signed California's state-wide ban on plastic bags. ... This is what they're spending time on."

KEVIN O'LEARY VIA CNBC: "And I ask Jerry Brown this question: tell me how this creates one more job in California. Tell me why you would spend one minute of energy on this."

According to CNN, one group says the ban will actually threaten jobs. The American Progressive Bag Alliance says it will work to repeal the law, because it "would jeopardize thousands of California manufacturing jobs, hurt the environment, and fleece consumers for billions."

That last accusation is based on fees tied to the ban. Shops that offer non-plastic bags, like recycled or compostable bags, have to sell them to the customer "at a cost of no less than $0.10." The stores get to keep the money, though there are limits on how they can spend it.

The California Grocers Association, on the other hand, is pleased with the bill. The Wall Street Journal reports the group will no longer have to deal with "a patchwork of local laws," where some areas banned plastic and others did not. 

Governor Brown says while California is the first state to ban plastic bags, he's convinced the state "won't be the last."

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