MH17 Investigators To Revisit Crash Site To Collect Evidence

Search teams will be gathering physical evidence to support a criminal trial. Investigators had suspended their work in August due to nearby fighting.

MH17 Investigators To Revisit Crash Site To Collect Evidence
Getty Images / Rob Stothard

Search teams will return to Ukraine before winter to collect more evidence from the site of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Australian and Malaysian prime ministers Tony Abbott and Najib Razak made the announcement Saturday, following a joint meeting.

Investigators paused their work in August due to fighting between Ukrainian military forces and pro-Russian separatists. (Video via Voice of America)

“Now, with the latest cease-fire, this is a new opportunity to investigate. There’s no time to waste before winter sets in.” (Video via BBC)

The Dutch Safety Board, which headed the most recent investigation, is expected to release preliminary findings based on the information it has available now. A full report will come within a year. (Video via Euronews)

In the meantime, the media has been left to compare possibilities. 

In July, Ukrainian and U.S. Intelligence analysis suggested pro-Russian rebels on the ground shot down the plane.

The popular opinion in Russia, meanwhile, was that the Ukrainian military was responsible.

And a month later, U.S. intelligence reportedly changed its analysis, suggesting the passenger jet sustained an air-to-air missile strike — possibly from Ukrainian government forces.

298 passengers and flight crew died when the plane went down in July. Prime ministers Abbott and Razak said gathering more physical evidence will help build a criminal case against those responsible.

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