Dunn Could Face Retrial Over 'Loud Music' Murder Charge

A Florida state prosecutor plans to retry Michael Dunn for first-degree murder after a hung jury resulted in a mistrial.

Dunn Could Face Retrial Over 'Loud Music' Murder Charge
The Florida Times Union / Bob Mack

A Florida man faces at least 60 years in prison on four convictions related to shooting and killing a teenage boy during an argument over loud music. But despite the convictions, the case might not be over. 

Prosecutors are determined to try Michael Dunn again after the jury deadlocked on the most serious charge of first degree murder resulting in a mistrial. (Via Fox News

The 47-year-old software developer was convicted of attempted murder for shooting 10 bullets at a vehicle full of unarmed teenagers after an altercation involving the loudness of the teens' music. (Via MSNBC)

One of those bullets struck 17-year-old Jordan Davis, killing him. The prosecution and Dunn's defense team painted different portraits of Dunn's motivations for firing his weapon, which he had a permit for. (Via HLN)

Dunn's attorney claimed his client's actions were a clear-cut case of self-defense, and that Dunn believed he saw Davis reach down and grab a shotgun, prompting him to fire his weapon. Police later said they did not find a shotgun in the car.

Prosecutors depicted Dunn as a hothead whose "blood started to boil" after he had been disrespected by the teens. (Via Al Jazeera)

After hearing both sides and with more than 30 hours of deliberation, the jury was unable to come to an agreement on the first degree murder charge. (Via CBS)

Although the judge explained the other convictions will stand and could mean Dunn will spend the rest of his life in prison, the state attorney said her office is intent on retrying the first-degree murder charge anyway. 

A CNN legal analyst says the prosecution should look at the situation logically before considering a retrial: "If [Dunn, 47] winds up with 60 or 75 years in jail, from a pragmatic standpoint it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to retry the case."

At the same time, Dunn's attorney plans to appeal on several issues, including how the jury could come to a guilty agreement on four counts but deadlock on another. 

"Our position is, and that may be an issue on appeal, that if a jury would've decided that self defense was an issue with count one: Mr. Davis, then it would've applied to every single person in that car." (Via CNN)

The jury has declined to talk to the media. Dunn faces a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 105 years in prison. His sentencing hearing is expected to take place in late March.