Michael Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympian of All Time

After picking up a silver in the 200 meter butterfly and the a gold in the 200 meter freestyle relay, Michael Phelps has secured a place in history.

Michael Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympian of All Time

(Image source: BBC)



It seems like it was only a matter of time. On day four of the London Olympics, Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all time. Al Jazeera has the headline.

“The American, Michael Phelps has set a new record for the greatest number of Olympic medals won.”

Phelps tied the record earlier in the day after he secured silver in the 200 meter butterfly and capped off the night by winning his 15th gold medal alongside his teammates in the 200 freestyle relay. BBC has the after-race interview.

“I can't be too upset with 1:53 flat. The most important thing was coming back together with this relay and this group of guys. After the 400 relay we obviously wanted to tie something together and we did it! First gold medal of the meet so I'm very happy.”

On CNN an analyst says it will be a long time before his record falls.

"You can only imagine what he's been through over the last 12 years ... They were all saying man to man, women to women tonight that this man should be celebrated around the world for what he has achieved and rightly so. Nineteen medals, 15 golds."

And on ESPN Jim Caple goes as far to say, Phelps is probably the greatest American Olympian of all time.

“You could make an argument for Carl Lewis, you could make an argument for Jesse Owens but with 19 medals I think Michael Phelps has a pretty convincing case.”

We can’t show the actual video of the race because of licensing restrictions, but our anchor Christian Bryant was kind enough to reenact some of it for you.

You can thank NBC and the International Olympics Committee for that gem.