Michael Phelps Takes Steps To Make Comeback

The most decorated Olympian of all time entered the U.S. drug testing program, a sign he could be gearing up for the 2014 Olympics.

Michael Phelps Takes Steps To Make Comeback
Flickr / Bryan Allison

One of the greatest Olympians of all time -- might be making a comeback. 

Michael Phelps has rejoined the U.S. drug testing program. 

"Now other competitors and coaches have speculated that Phelps is making a comeback and the drug testing program is just the first step in that process." (Via WCNC)

"On top of that, Phelps' coach says his training has increased from 2 to 3 times a week to 4 to 5" (Via WBFF)

It's a good sign for the most decorated Olympian ever. It means at least there's a chance Phelps might compete in Rio in 2016, though he hasn't confirmed it — claiming he just wants keep his options open.  

 Since the 2012 Olympic Games, Phelps has stopped swimming and focused on other sports.

Like golf. He's openly talked about his love for the sport. He appeared on The Golf Channel's "The Haney Project" to hone is game. And he's been posting plenty of pics of himself on the course.

He also tried his hand at football. Here's a photo he posted from a Baltimore Ravens practice. 

And also baseball — but clearly his swing isn't as good as his stroke. 

Phelps has won a record 18 gold medals and still has plenty of time to get back into shape before the 2016 games.