Convicted Murderer Escapes Prison, Allegedly Abducts Woman

Michael David Elliot was convicted of four murders in 1993. He's now on the run after escaping from a maximum security prison.

Convicted Murderer Escapes Prison, Allegedly Abducts Woman
Michigan State Police / WOOD

A man convicted of four murders is on the run after escaping from a Michigan prison, and allegedly kidnapping a woman.

"The search for a Michigan prisoner has expanded to two states this morning. This is Michael David Elliot, he escaped from the Ionia correctional facility last night. He was serving a life sentence."

According to authorities, Elliot escaped, then carjacked and kidnapped a woman at knife point and drove with her to Indiana. According to some reports, the woman was elderly. WOOD has more information on the car he might have taken.

"Elliot driving a red 2004 Jeep Liberty with a black grill cover and Michigan license plate 5FTG55. After escaping prison he carjacked a woman. She was able to escape when they stopped for gas."

The woman went inside, locked herself in a bathroom and called for help. And it seems that was the last time Elliot may have been seen — at that gas station. But WWMT reports authorities don't think he's gotten far since then. 

"He only had about $10 worth of gas to get him from this gas station to wherever he was going. At this point they have put a 'be on the lookout' out for all neighboring states."

WXMI is reporting that Elliot may have found a hole in a fence on the grounds of the maximum security prison and escaped through that.

Though WOOD is reporting Elliot may have escaped through the "sally port," which is the point of entry for new prisoners.

In 1993 Elliot was convicted of the murders of a woman, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's two brothers, apparently after his botched plan to steal drug money failed. After he killed the victims, along with an accomplice, they set the house containing the bodies on fire.