Militants Attack U.S. Base In Kenya

U.S. Africa Command said one U.S. service member and two Defense Department contractors were killed in the attack.

Militants Attack U.S. Base In Kenya
U.S. Air Force Staff

The terrorist organization al-Shabab attacked a military base used by U.S. troops in Kenya on Sunday.

U.S. Africa Command confirmed the attack in a statement, saying that it, along with Kenya Defense Forces, "repelled the al-Shabab attack" at Manda Bay Airfield. Both parties acknowledged there was some "damage to infrastructure and equipment" from the attack, and that "standard security procedures are now ongoing."

The U.S. Africa Command's director of operations said it was important for there to be U.S. presence in Africa to counter al-Shabab, whom he says seeks "to remove Western influence and ideals from the region, and to further its jihadist agenda."