Milk Music: Samsung's Addition To The Music Streaming Market

Milk Music is a free, ad-free music-streaming service from Samsung. The service is now available for several Samsung Galaxy devices.

Milk Music: Samsung's Addition To The Music Streaming Market
Samsung Mobile

Samsung has launched its addition to the music streaming market — it’s called Milk Music.

Milk Music is a free streaming service. You pick a music genre by turning the external dial, and then further fine tune your selection using the internal dial. (Via Samsung Mobile)

Samsung says Milk Music is available for many Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S 4 and the upcoming Galaxy S 5. (Via Samsung Mobile)

The service offers more than 200 different music stations, and promises to release exclusive content from popular and up-and-coming artists in the future.

Interestingly, a writer for GigaOm points out Samsung already offers a subscription music service, a la Spotify. But when asked about radio services versus subscription based services, Samsung's Mobile Services Director said: “We think we are better off looking at radio as a democratized service ... Samsung’s goal was to be where ‘millions and millions’ of users are, he added.”

While Milk Music is currently free, and ad-free, it’s important to note this little guy next to “ad-free.” It appears ads will eventually appear on the service — so if you’re a Samsung Galaxy user, now’s the time to download and listen without those pesky ads.

Milk Music lets you customize your music listening with sliders for popularity, newness, and favorites.

And Android and Me reports there are further options available in a menu that slides out from the right. In that menu, you can create new stations or adjust your current ones, look at your favorite songs, review your song history, access settings, and more.

Though the service doesn’t explicitly support offline listening, CNET reports it does have the option of listening offline. You cache some music for uninterrupted listening when you head down to the subway or get stuck in a building with no signal or Wi-Fi.”

Samsung says Milk Music is powered by Slacker, another online streaming music service. So if you've used Slacker, you’ll be familiar with the song library.

As for why it’s called Milk Music, your guess is as good as ours, but Android and Me speculates it’s “because it’s allegedly ‘fresh and organic.’” Ehh, we’ll go with that. Milk Music is currently only available in the U.S. Galaxy device users can find the app in the Google Play store.