'Miracle Machine' Turns Water Into Wine At Home

The Miracle Machine aims to turn a mix of water, yeast and grape juice concentrate into wine in just a few days. It's currently seeking funding.

'Miracle Machine' Turns Water Into Wine At Home
The Miracle Machine

Wine connoisseurs will be happy to know a new gadget will allow them to turn water into wine — literally.

It's called The Miracle Machine, and its creators claim with just a couple affordable ingredients and a few days, it can create wine just as good as any bottle found at the store. 

Users can select recipes and even track the wine's maturing process from an accompanying iPhone or Android smartphone app via Bluetooth. (Via Vimeo / The Miracle Machine)

The science behind it is simple. Its creators say they can speed up the fermentation process of a yeast and grape concentrate mixture by using a little heat in a controlled environment. 

According to the Los Angeles Times"The refractometer measures the sugar content, a ceramic air-diffuser pumps filtered air to aerate the wine and soften the tannins, and the transducer is used to speed up the wine's flavor development."

And to get that aged taste, The Huffington Post reports adding some finishing powder will impart flavors that will make the wine taste like it has aged for some time.

There are similar countertop machines currently on the market, such as the PicoBrew Zymatic, an appliance that took the beer-brewing process to a smaller scale. (Via Kickstarter / PicoBrew)

And even the Sodastream, which instantly turns water into soda by mixing in carbonation and flavored syrup. (Via YouTube / SodaStreamGuru)

According to Discovery, the gadget is currently in its funding stage and its inventors will soon launch a Kickstarter page to raise money. Along with the machine, the company is planning to offer all ingredients needed to create different types of wine through its website.

The Miracle Machine is set to retail for about $500, but with bundled ingredients at only $2 a pack, it might just be worth it.