Missouri's Governor Considers Repealing State Constitution Amendment

The state constitutional amendment was approved in the November with 62 percent of the vote.

Missouri's Governor Considers Repealing State Constitution Amendment
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Missouri's new governor could roll back what some have called the most radical redistricting legislation ever enacted.

The Associated Press is reporting Missouri Gov. Mike Parson could repeal and replace a state constitutional amendment that supporters called "Clean Missouri."

The amendment was approved by 62 percent of voters in November. It covers a range of changes, including the redrawing of the state's legislative maps.

Under the measure, the state's House and Senate maps would be drawn by a state demographer, who would be nominated by the state auditor and approved by the state Senate. The demographer would redraw the district lines taking into account partisan fairness and competitiveness. The new lines would then be voted on by the state House and Senate before being approved.

Parson told the AP he's concerned the redistricting process will still allow politics to creep into the new maps.

It's unclear if Parson will make a move to repeal the measure. If he does, the amendment's replacement would have to be submitted to voters.

Parson took over as Missouri's governor in June after former Gov. Eric Greitens resigned amid allegations he blackmailed a woman and broke campaign finance laws.