A Russian Model Dangles 73 Stories Up For This Photo Shoot

Russian model Viktoria Odintcova didn't use any safety gear.

Viktoria Odintcova hangs from Cayan Tower in Dubai
Instagram / Viktoria Odintsova

Russian model Viktoria Odintcova took one of her photo shoots to dangerous heights.

The woman dangled from Cayan Tower, a 73-story building in Dubai without a safety harness and without permission. Authorities are investigating to see if she's broken any laws, according to CNN.

The model posted a video of the experience on her Instagram.

Full video (link in bio)! @a_mavrin #MAVRINmodels #MAVRIN #VikiOdintcova #Dubai

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We don't know about you, but we're dizzy just watching. 

Here's a translation of what she wrote on Instagram: "I still can’t believe I did it. Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty."

Her followers had mixed reactions to the post. Some called it reckless, while others thought it was nothing short of amazing. 

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