More Than 100 Arrested In McDonald's Protest

Police arrested more than 100 protesters on McDonald's HQ, where thousands marched to demand a minimum wage increase and the right to unionize.

More Than 100 Arrested In McDonald's Protest
Flickr / BobboSphere

Thousands of protesters marched on McDonald's corporate campus Wednesday, and police in riot gear later arrested more than 100 of them. (Via Flickr / BobboSphere)

"They rallied on McDonald's property, and police told them several times to leave. After it was all said and done, 110 people were arrested for criminal trespassing." (Via KHQA)

USA Today reports workers were protesting the minimum wage, demanding it be raised to at least $15 an hour. The outlet reports, "workers chanted 'Hey McDonald's You Can't Hide, We Can See Your Greedy Side,' and 'No Big Macs, No Fries, Make our Wage Supersize.'"

WBBM says the march comes ahead of McDonald's annual shareholder meeting. Employees are also asking for the right to unionize.

According to the outlet, the fast food company insists the protests were staged — that demonstrators were bused in and some were even paid to attend. (Via WBBM)

WLS-TV spoke with one protestor who said employees have tried other options to inspire change, but nothing seemed to work.

"As workers we've went on strike, we've talked to other workers, we've fought, we've had petitions signings in our store. We've done all we can. We've requested meetings with the general manager. ... We've done all that we can." (Via WLS-TV)

McDonald's says raising the minimum wage is not the company's responsibility. A spokesperson told WLS-TV"When it comes to minimum wage, that's a national discussion. It's not a McDonald's issue, it's an economic issue." (Via Flickr / Roadsidepictures)