More Than 2,000 Missing In Deadly Afghanistan Landslide

A massive landslide in northeast Afghanistan left thousands either dead or trapped, and search and rescue crews are struggling to recover survivors.

More Than 2,000 Missing In Deadly Afghanistan Landslide

Thousands of people are presumed dead or trapped under thick mud and rocks after a landslide pummeled a village in Afghanistan Friday.

"The slide reportedly buried an entire village in a province there in the country's northeast. Some 250 families were living in the province." (Via Al Jazeera)

According to CNN, an initial landslide crushed about 300 homes around noon Friday in the district of Argo. Another one followed soon after, reportedly trapping as many as 600 people who had rushed to the scene to help victims of the first slide.

The BBC reports the deadly slide came after days of heavy rain in northern and eastern Afghanistan. The outlet says around 150 people have died in flooding in the area.

But officials say the death toll from Friday's disaster will be much higher. (Via BBC)

"The U.N. confirming 350 dead. But as you were saying, we are expecting that death toll to be far, far higher. Some suggests reports of over 1,000 killed." (Via Sky News)

The province's governor told reporters rescue crews are trying to locate any survivors, but they don't have enough equipment.

The Independent quotes him as saying: "It's physically impossible right now. We don't have enough shovels; we need more machinery."

Authorities say they have evacuated several nearby villages in case of additional devastating landslides. At least 100 people were being treated for injuries as of Friday afternoon.