Morning Sickness Causes Kate Middleton To Cancel Malta Tour

The Duchess of Cambridge has been forced to pull out of her first solo trip overseas because of severe morning sickness.

Morning Sickness Causes Kate Middleton To Cancel Malta Tour
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The Duchess of Cambridge's morning sickness is so bad, it's forced her to pull out of her trip to Malta this weekend.

According to a statement provided by the royal family, Kate's doctors were the ones to advise against the trip.

Ever since Kate and her husband William announced they were expecting their second child earlier this month, she's been plagued with severe morning sickness.

In fact, the two had to announce the pregnancy early since the morning sickness was causing Kate to miss planned engagements. 

The Telegraph reported Kate and William had only told Queen Elizabeth and the Middleton family about the pregnancy 48 hours before it was publicly announced.  

A few days later, she was forced to pull out of attending several events at Prince Harry's highly anticipated Invictus Games. That included the Games' opening ceremonies where her husband, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla all made an appearance.

But missing this trip to Malta is a big deal, since, as Us Weekly points out, it's Kate's first solo tour.

The trip coincided with the country's 50th year of independence from British rule. 

The Daily Express reported Kate was scheduled to make a total of ten appearances over two days. One even included a boat trip. On top of all that, Malta's weather is expected to be in the high 80s this weekend, and heat is known to sometimes make morning sickness worse. 

So what's important to know about the type of morning sickness Kate's been experiencing?

DR. JENNIFER ASTON VIA ABC: "This is like morning sickness — like a hurricane is just a little bit of rain. It's way off the end of that spectrum. ... Typically, this resolves by mid pregnancy, but in severe cases it can last the entire nine months."

In 2012, during the couple's first pregnancy, Kate suffered from the same type of sickness and it was so bad she was hospitalized for four days

Now, the royal family hasn't canceled the trip to Malta completely. Instead, William will be going in Kate's place. 

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