Motorists Help Save Premature Baby On Miami Highway

When a Miami woman noticed her 5-month-old nephew wasn't breathing and pulled over, several people jumped in to save the boy.

Motorists Help Save Premature Baby On Miami Highway
WFOR / Miami Herald / Al Diaz

You never know who might be in the cars around you. Thankfully, when a Miami woman realized her newborn nephew stopped breathing on a Miami highway, she just happened to be surrounded by good Samaritans and emergency crews all willing to help.

"A Miami Herald photographer captured these images after a woman jumped out of her car screaming for help after her five-month-old nephew stopped breathing." (Via WTVJ)

AL DIAZ: "Woman pops out of the car and starts screaming, 'My baby can't breathe! My baby can't breathe! Call 911!' So then I got out of my car and ran over to help her.'" (Via WFOR)

The Miami Herald's Al Diaz was in the car behind Pamela Rauseo when she pulled over. He says another women immediately jumped out of her car to give five-month-old Sebastian de la Cruz chest compressions while the aunt did CPR. (Via Miami Herald)

Diaz says he jogged through traffic lanes and found a Sweetwater police officer. As that officer helped, little Sebastian began crying once, but he then stopped breathing again.

Those rescuers did finally get Sebastian breathing and into an ambulance. The story made headlines nationwide Friday morning. (Via The Dallas Morning News)

In a phone interview with WSVN in Miami, Rauseo thanked those who stepped in to help her and said she couldn't let her nephew die.

"I was just worried for my sister. I'm like, 'I can't let this happen I can't, I can't. She trusted me with her baby and I can't let this baby die on me.'" (Via WSVN)

Because Sebastian was born prematurely, reporters in Miami said the hospital was taking special care to make sure no more complications came up. Rauseo said she last took a CPR class seven years ago, but her training kicked in on instinct.