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Mueller, Trump Lawyers Closing In On Interview Agreement

The main issues are the number of questions on obstruction of justice and which questions will be answered in writing.

Mueller, Trump Lawyers Closing In On Interview Agreement
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President Donald Trump's legal team and special counsel Robert Mueller's office are reportedly closing in on a deal to allow Mueller to interview the president. 

The negotiations have been going on for months. Trump's lawyers sought to limit the number of questions related to possible obstruction of justice and focus on alleged collusion during the campaign. Mueller's team has reportedly agreed to limit the number of obstruction-related questions but not to avoid the topic entirely. Mueller has also agreed to allow Trump to answer some questions in writing. 

Trump himself is reportedly pushing for the interview to happen. The New York Times reports Trump sees the ongoing investigations into his campaign and his one-time lawyer Michael Cohen as damaging to his legitimacy as president. 

Trump's lawyers, though, are reportedly concerned an interview could expose the president to legal jeopardy. Rudy Giuliani has called on Mueller to "put up or shut up." Both Giuliani and Trump have maintained there was no collusion.