Gov. Chris Christie Went To The Beach And Got Blistered By Critics

The beach is currently closed to the public because of the state's government shutdown.

Gov. Chris Christie Went To The Beach And Got Blistered By Critics
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie found himself having to justify his weekend trip to the beach

That's because this specific beach — Island Beach State Park — is closed to the public due to the state's government shutdown

Christie and his family are staying at a state residence near the park for a long holiday weekend — something he made known prior to Sunday's trip.

"I told people starting last Monday that our family had plans to be here along with friends who were flying in from all over the country," Christie told WNYW over the phone Monday. 

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He defended his use of the residence during the shutdown, telling reporters, "Run for governor and you can have a residence there."

Christie also reminded would-be beachgoers the majority of New Jersey's beaches are still open despite the shutdown. 

Still, many are critical of Christie's beach trip, including New Jersey's lieutenant governor. Kim Guadagno wrote in a Facebook post, "It's beyond words."