NCAA Allows Boise State To Help Homeless Football Player

The NCAA is allowing Boise State University to provide assistance to football recruit Antoine Turner. He is currently homeless.

NCAA Allows Boise State To Help Homeless Football Player

Homeless and hanging on to a dream ... That was the case for Antoine Turner, who is joining the Boise State football team this summer. But now, with the approval from the NCAA, Boise State can provide assistance to Turner before he makes his move to Idaho.

"The NCAA granted Boise State's request to provide immediate assistance to the homeless junior college transfer ... this waiver will give the university a chance to get Turner in town, in the dorms, and on a meal plan much sooner than expected." (Via KBOI)

But this wasn't always the case. It's against NCAA rules for division 1 universities and their boosters to provide monetary assistance to athletes. 

That includes money, loans, gifts, discounts or transportation costs — leaving Boise State pretty much between a rock and a hard place. (Via NCAA)

The school could only take care of Turner once he arrived on campus. But that wasn't scheduled to happen until June 6. So, Boise State filed a waiver that would allow it to provide assistance prior to that start date. (YouTube / Boise State Broncos)

Now, this whole situation came to light after KTVB aired a special showing the hardships Turner has suffered.

He's been living on the streets, in his car or in and out of houses and motels for most of his life. But it doesn't stop there. He lost his mother at the young age of four and then later weathered Hurricane Katrina. 

"I did whatever it took ... Wake up, survive, go to sleep, survive, wake up, survive." (Via KTVB)

​Eventually, Turner found an escape playing football. He was recruited to play for Fullerton Junior College in California. (Via YouTube / FullCollSports)

"I brought a suitcase and a dream." (Via KTVB)

Now, some are rather surprised by the NCAA's decision to allow Boise State to provide assistance to Turner.

"I've ripped the NCAA as much as anybody ... But in this case, they have earned their praise. The response was, Boise State, do what you need to do to help this kid who's homeless." (Via ESPN)

Boise State will award Turner with a full ride scholarship that includes tuition, room and board, and books. He's expected to move to Boise by the end of May.