'Netflix Socks' Know When You Are Sleeping

Netflix is taking chill to a whole new level with this invention.

'Netflix Socks' Know When You Are Sleeping

Netflix has designed the ultimate accessory to make us even more lazy. Introducing "Netflix socks."

These DIY socks solve the don't-want-to-go-to-bed-yet-but-can't-stay-awake-to-finish-this-episode dilemma. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. The socks have a sensor inside that automatically pauses the episode you're on if you doze off.

It's a technology Netflix is calling "actigraphy." The device detects when you've stopped moving, a red light flashes and a signal is sent to your TV to pause the show. 

But if you're thinking "my active binge-watching looks a lot like my active sleeping," Netflix knows. The company encourages the sock wearer to tweak timings and thresholds for sleep detection to improve accuracy. Or add a pulse sensor to detect a change in heart rate.

Since these socks are do-it-yourself, the tweaks are limitless and the pattern design is totally up to you. Well, as long as you choose one of 17 Netflix original show designs. Though, finding a person who can both knit and handle a soldering iron may be easier said than done.

This isn't Netflix's first go at the DIY market. It also debuted a build-it-yourself technology called "The Switch." If you can manage to put the various chips and wires in the right place using the tiny tweezers, you've got yourself a retro-block-looking device that dims your lights, silences your phone and even orders some take out. 

The best part about this: The inventions are inspired by real Netflix users, and the company wants us to keep them coming. Our submission: Free Netflix for everyone. It's worth a try, right?

This video includes images from Getty Images.