New App Uses Photo Recognition To Find Look-Alike Pets

The PetMatch app allows users to take or upload a picture of an animal and put it into the app. The app then finds look-alike pets.

New App Uses Photo Recognition To Find Look-Alike Pets
YouTube / PetMatch

Image recognition technology has gone to the dogs ... and cats. A new app can use a picture of an animal to help you find an adoptable look-alike.

"Jen launches the app and snaps a picture of a dog she likes. ... It's up to Superfish's image recognition technology to hunt through the millions of pictures of adoptable pets on the web." (Via YouTube / PetMatch)

CBS reports app users can either take a picture with their phones or upload a photo already taken — potentially one of a past pet so animal-lovers can find a new pet that looks like their old one.

TechCrunch notes users can classify their photo searches by distance or similarity. The app gets pictures from PetFinder, which has a database of pictures of adoptable animals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. But "PetMatch isn’t purrfect."

For instance, The Verge points out a picture of Doge, of meme fame, brings back results that are completely different breeds. It also claims a picture of Lady Gaga matched with a hamster.

CNET adds another potential problem with the app is that even if it finds the perfect look-alike for your dream pet, there's the chance it won't have the personality you want it to have.

Still, Superfish, which developed the PetMatch app, has plans for more photo recognition apps. According to CNN, the start-up company is developing apps to help users find jewelry and furniture.

PetMatch is currently available for free on iTunes.