Apple TV Adding Gaming, Cable?

Rumors are swirling following a website promotion for the Apple TV. Gaming and cable control are two features reports say could be offered new device.

Apple TV Adding Gaming, Cable?

Apple TV just got a promotion. The former-accessory received full product status on the Apple Store website.

Check it out. Apple's high-tech hockey puck comes with its own details, accessories page and more. 9to5 Mac noticed the online update Tuesday night, and it says the change might be more than a Valentine’s Day promotion. (Via Apple)

Last week, reports surfaced the company could be updating its streaming device with new content, maybe even gaming. So perhaps the site change is no coincidence. (Via TechCrunch, CNET, Ars Technica)

9to5 Mac says, “If Apple were to launch such a product in the near-future, it would make sense for it to have a dedicated, unhidden spot on Apple’s online store.”

Either way, it’s about time. Apple TV has been around longer than iPhone, and some say its next iteration could end its lowly status as a Cupertino “hobby.”

9to5 Mac and others speculate a new Apple TV might become a two-in-one, merging with Apple’s wireless router, which could improve streaming, or possibly video quality. (Via Apple)

Also, iLounge reported last week a “reliable industry source” said an Apple TV update will include game support. That would theoretically turn your iPhone or iPad into a controller, which Forbes argues makes the $99 device a real threat.

“Overnight, Apple might well become a videogame powerhouse. While Sony and Microsoft might not be quaking, Nintendo’s Wii U could face its killing blow from such a move.” 

And another feature often tied to your wireless connection, cable. Yep, rumor has it the new Apple TV could plug in to your cable box to bring you an Apple-like experience when you’re flipping through channels.

As for how useful that is, we’re not sure. Other products, like the Xbox One, have a watch TV feature, which might save time? (Via Microsoft)

But before we get carried away packing features into the 4-in device, The Verge reminds us, “ It should be noted that 9to5Mac is fairly non-committal on the features, describing them as ‘in testing.’”

‚ÄčThere’s one last feature current Apple TV customers have been asking for, an App Store. That’s something ReadWrite speculates could happen with the update.

‚Äč“As much as Apple cares about consumers' opinions of its products, it aims to court app creators, too. Truly opening up Apple TV, making it a distribution outlet for developers, could be the move that makes Apple the master of the living room.”

Of course, we won’t know anything for sure until Apple announces it. Rumors put a potential product launch as soon as March of this year.