New COVID-19 Infections Average 71,000 Cases A Day

Health experts say daily infections could reach 100,000 cases in "very near future."

New COVID-19 Infections Average 71,000 Cases A Day
Frank Franklin II / AP

The daily new coronavirus infection average has been above 71,000 over the past week. That's the most in any seven-day period since the pandemic began. The latest numbers from Johns Hopkins have nearly 9 million infections. The crisis is only getting worse. 

William Haseltine, the president of Access Health International said, "I think we're looking forward to a number of record weeks in the very near future. It will drive this daily rate above 100,000."

37 states reported a jump in new infections this week. Most saw their highest levels to date, including Colorado, which is also battling record-setting wildfires.

Parts of New Jersey are closing non-essential businesses tonight, and the governor of Idaho is rolling back re-opening plans but not imposing a mask mandate as hospitalizations hit record levels. Doctors tell CNN it's not too late to get the virus under control. 

Infectious diseases physician Dr. Jay Varkey said, "If we keep out of bars, dine-in restaurants, political rallies, and also avoid the type of settings that are propagating this current outbreak which really seems to be family gatherings of friends and extended family that's out of the household. We can turn this around."