New COVID Cases In The U.S. Surpass 90,000 In One Day

As the U.S. continues to set daily records of new coronavirus cases, the predictions for the future are looking grim.

New COVID Cases In The U.S. Surpass 90,000 In One Day

The U.S. is set to hit another painful milestone in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The country is on pace to surpass nine million reported cases of the virus today. Here are the numbers -- according to John Hopkins university. More than 8.9 million people in the U.S. have been infected with COVID-19. That's by far the most of any country. On Thursday the U.S. reported more than 87,000 new cases. That's the most in a single day.  

And take a look at this, I want to show you some of the latest numbers. The average number of new daily cases is up over 20 percent compared to the previous week. But testing has increased only by about nine percent during that same time.

41 states saw at least a ten percent rise in cases this week compared to last. 

Because of these numbers, health officials around the country are worried about hospital capacity. More than 46,000 COVID patients are hospitalized this morning. You can see the curve shooting up again over the past month.