New Jersey Teen Killed After Dog Attack

Neighbors say the bull mastiff that attacked a New Jersey teen who later died was a ticking time bomb.

New Jersey Teen Killed After Dog Attack
Facebook via The Star-Ledger

Neighbors say it was a ticking time bomb. 

Police in Paterson, New Jersey say one teen is dead after this 115-pound bull mastiff attacked him, then seriously injured another boy.  (Via News 12 New Jersey)

"Two 13-year-old boys were walking down the street when the dog somehow got loose and went on the attack.... During the attack, police say the boys split up running in different directions." (Via WOOD)

One of the boys' bodies was later found near a creek. Because of their ages, police haven't identified the victims, but neighbors say the dog — named "Trigger" — was known to be vicious.

One told The New Jersey Star-Ledger its owner always left it outside no matter the weather and never exercised it. Neighborhood children apparently teased and taunted Trigger often. 

Animal control did put the dog down and will be testing it for rabies. One neighbor told KYW-TV this isn't Trigger's first attack. 

"It's not an isolated incident incident. It happened twice and the owner should be held accountable for that."

But so far the owner hasn't faced any charges, and in fact News 12 New Jersey reports the owner had tried intervening in the attack.