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New York Makes Restaurant To-Go Drinks Permanent

A new state budget bill says restaurants, bars and taverns can sell to-go cocktails and other alcoholic beverages for the next three years.

New York Makes Restaurant To-Go Drinks Permanent
Carlos Osorio / AP

New York announced it will allow to-go drinks from restaurants for the next three years. A provision in the state budget bill released Thursday settles a booze battle between bars, restaurants and liquor stores.

A bartender prepares alcoholic drinks at a restaurant in San Francisco.

Are To-Go Cocktails During The Pandemic Here to Stay?

New York was the first state to allow restaurants to sell alcoholic drinks to-go during the pandemic.


During the height of the pandemic, dining establishments and local bars and taverns were allowed to serve drinks to-go as customers stayed away from indoor dining. However, last June the provision was lifted as businesses began returning to normal dining practices.

Now, according to the budget bill, any alcohol sold to-go must be accompanied by "a substantial" food order. It also does not permit restaurants or bars to sell full-size bottles of wine or liquor.