New York Man Charged With Trying To Recruit For ISIS

New York resident Mufid Elfgeeh was arrested in May. Federal authorities say he was trying to recruit Americans to fight alongside ISIS.

New York Man Charged With Trying To Recruit For ISIS

A New York man is one of the first — if not the only — American charged with recruiting for ISIS.  

Federal authorities say they were first tipped 30-year-old Mufid Elfgeeh last year after noticing he’d sent a series of anti-American, jihadist-inspired tweets. (Video via CNN)  

In May he was arrested — accused of trying to buy handguns and ammunition to kill local Shiites and members of the military returning from overseas. (Video via WUHF

According to the indictment, prosecutors have also charged Elfgeeh with attempting to “provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.” 

They say he urged two men to go to Syria and join up with ISIS, even trying to raise travel funds for one of them — unaware they were actually cooperating with the FBI.

ISIS recruitment has been a subject of big concern in the media. We’ve heard lawmakers from the left and right warning about U.S. passport holders who have joined up with ISIS and other extremists groups abroad.

REP. MIKE ROGERS VIA FOX NEWS: “It's in the hundreds that we believe have at least [at] one time traveled and participated and trained with them.”

Some experts say the numbers of foreign fighters and their potential threat has been overstated. So far, the intelligence community says it has no credible evidence pointing to any ISIS plot against the U.S. (Video via YouTube / Foukoul Hani Rif

Even if it's not a currently a significant threat, the Justice Department is working identify American extremists through newly launched intelligence-gathering programs in various cities. (Video via YouTube / ولاية البركة)

And the State Department recently released this sarcastic fake ISIS recruiting video. Using some of the group’s own graphic propaganda video, officials hope showing the militant's brutality will deter recruits.  

Last week, a 19-year-old Colorado woman pleaded guilty to conspiring to help ISIS. As part of her plea deal, she agreed to provide prosecutors information about other possible terrorist suspects.