New York Sees Beard Transplant Boom

New York plastic surgeons say they've seen a rise in men willing to pay thousands to have beard transplant procedures.

New York Sees Beard Transplant Boom

Let's get serious for a moment: It's hard out here for us facial hair-challenged brothers. 

If only I could grow a beard like Common, or rock the peppered scruff like Idris Elba (once I start going gray), or even trim this behemoth slapped on Rick Ross' face... I mean, that's like another entity. (Via Interscope Records / Common, OWN, Island Def Jam / Rick Ross)

Even our very own Zach Toombs is in the in-crowd of facial folically-blessed men. 

Beards are in and some men who are less fortunate are turning to a popular beard transplant procedure to spur some growth and cheat mother nature. 

According to DNAinfo, more and more New York doctors are seeing men — from Brooklyn hipsters to advertising execs — opt for hair transplant procedures because of these guys. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Georges Biard, Lifelemon)

"The increase has been five, six times what it was initially. And I would trace it back to about three, four years ago, maybe when Brad Pitt walked down the red carpet." (Via WNYW)

And it's not just the hipsters and ad execs getting the procedure: "Doctors said their clients include men who have struggled since adolescence to grow a beard, those undergoing a gender transition from female to male, men with with facial scarring and Hasidic Jews who hope to achieve denser payot, or sidelocks." (Via DNAinfo)

The Daily Mail reported back in August 2013 the trend, and the stubble, had been growing in the U.K.

Dr. Bessam Farjo, the doctor who pioneered the transplant in 1996, told the paper some men were interested in filling out the patchy spots while others wanted something a bit more substantial. 

The procedure involves removing hair from a "donor" area — either the back of the head or the chest — and implanting it on the face. (Via New York Post)

The New York doctors who've been performing the procedures told reporters once the transplant area is fully healed, you can shave regularly and start honing your style. That's what it's all about, right? (Via Gillette)

The procedures aren't cheap. They can run anywhere from $3,000 to $8,500, but unfortunately, we couldn't find a quote on this beauty. (Via Euronews)