Newsweek Says It Found The Inventor Of Bitcoin

Newsweek says they've found "The Face Behind Bitcoin" in time for their first print issue since 2012.

Newsweek Says It Found The Inventor Of Bitcoin

​Newsweek claims to have found the man behind Bitcoin and just in time for its first print edition since the end of 2012.

"The Face Behind Bitcoin” graced the magazine's cover of their March 13 edition. Newsweek’s Leah Goodman found Satoshi Nakamoto, a 64-year-old Japanese American man, who she says founded the mysterious digital currency.

Business Insider says Nakamoto’s name first appeared in a 2008 paper proposing Bitcoin.

However, the name was thought to be a pseudonym at the time, but it now appears to be the real name of the founder. (Via Bitcoin)

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin’s chief scientist, told Newsweek he’s communicated with Nakamoto before, and Nakamoto was always very focused on maintaining his anonymity. Andresen knew very little about Nakamoto. (Via Bitcoin Examiner)

"In fact, he never even heard Nakamoto's voice, because the founder of Bitcoin would not communicate by phone. Their interactions, he says, always took place by 'email or private message on the Bitcointalk forum,' where enthusiasts meet online." (Via Newsweek)

But after the article was published, Andresen posted this tweet expressing his disappointment in Newsweek releasing the Nakamoto Family’s private information and said he regrets doing the interview with Goodman. (Via Twitter / @gavinandresen)

The Verge says Newsweek's case isn’t airtight because Goodman only appears to only have spoken to Nakamoto briefly and they would need evidence the timelines between Nakamoto’s work building bitcoin and his career as an engineer match.

Nakamoto is also said to have $400 million worth of bitcoin but never sold any of it. Though Newsweek points out cashing in would likely require him to use a legitimate exchange, which would require him to release his identity and likely alert authorities, such as the IRS and FBI.