Nigella Lawson Barred From U.S. Over Drugs

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was attempting to board a flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles when she was told she couldn't enter the United States.

Nigella Lawson Barred From U.S. Over Drugs
Wikimedia Commons / Brian Minkoff-London Pixels

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was last in headlines during her court appearance, and now she's making them again, but this time outside of the courtroom.

"The TV cook admitted taking cocaine during the trial of her former personal assistants for theft. Authorities in the U.S. say people who have admitted drug taking can be deemed inadmissible."​ (Via Channel 4)

The Daily Mail reports the 54-year-old was boarding a flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles when she learned she couldn't board. 

Metro reports she even went past security and checked in before being told she couldn't board. Which is a big problem — if she can't get to the States, her job could be in trouble.

Lawson's a judge on the American cooking talent show "The Taste." It begins with sixteen competitors all vying for the approval of the four of the world's notable chefs. (Via ABC / "The Taste")

It's been a rough time for Lawson, first with her headlines about abuse by her ex husband, a divorce and then the trial against her former personal assistants.  (Via The Guardian)

But NBC points out Lawson isn't alone. Other celebrities have been barred from flying to the U.S. too.

"Other celebrities have been convicted of drug offenses have been barred from travel to the U.S. Boy George and the late Amy Winehouse among them. Lawson has not been convicted of her admitted drug use, let alone convicted." 

NBC got confirmation from homeland security that Lawson had been barred because of "admissibility standards." No updates yet on what Lawson's next move is, though she can apply to have the ban lifted.