No Plans For Peace In Gaza: Ground Conflict Near?

Hamas says the death toll from Israeli air strikes has climbed to 100 and continued to fire hundreds of rockets into Israel.

No Plans For Peace In Gaza: Ground Conflict Near?

Rocket fire in and out of Gaza, and Israel calls up tens of thousands of reservists. Despite widespread calls for a de-escalation in the region, both Hamas and the Israeli government say they have no plans to talk peace. (Via Getty Images, Getty Images)

And rockets fired in southern Lebanon Friday threaten to bring one more country into the conflict.

Lebanon's military confirmed to the BBC and other media outlets militants fired three rockets into northern Israel, but the rockets didn't hurt or kill anyone.

Much of Friday morning's coverage centered around a Gaza rocket that hit a gas station in southern Israel, though several reports indicate no one died in the blast. (Via ​חרדים עשר)

The Israeli anti-missile defense system Iron Dome now regularly intercepts rockets flying out of Gaza, though the system doesn't catch them all. (Via Getty Images)

"It's Gaza! Guys, get out of the sky. We need to go undercover!"

The Israeli Defense Forces uploaded this video from a citizen watching rockets fired and landing Thursday night. (Via YouTube / Jordan Cohen)

A defense forces spokesman told CNN the military has moved into position to go into Gaza and further attack Hamas.

PETER LERNER, ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCES SPOKESMAN: "If it's required, we will be able to mobilize as soon as possible in a professional manner."

Hamas' military wing also released a new video promising it's ready for a long conflict. (Via CNN)

Keep in mind Palestinian rockets haven't killed anyone, while Hamas says Israeli air strikes killed at least 100 to this point. The IDF has released videos saying Hamas continually hides weapons and rocket launch sites next to civilian houses and schools. (Via BBC, Israeli Defense Forces)

A Sky News correspondent says that's just one of several reasons Hamas — whose approval numbers recently came in below 20 percent among Palestinians — won't back down easily.

SAM KILEY, SKY NEWS FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: "So it's got to prove itself. It's got to hit back. It wants to somehow adjust this kill ratio of 100 to nil that is prevailing at the moment. It is trying to kill Israelis."

STEFANIE DEKKER, AL JAZEERA CORRESPONDENT: "So many people will tell you even though they might not agree with how this is going out — they might not support Hamas, they might not support the other groups here — but they have no choice. They believe no one is here to help them."

While The Jerusalem Post reported President Barack Obama called Benjamin Netanyahu Friday offering to broker peace talks, the Israeli Prime Minister has already said ceasefire talks are not an option at this point.

The kidnappings and killings of four teenagers last month sparked the latest conflict — three Israeli teens kidnapped from the West Bank and a Palestinian teen taken just a day after the Israelis' bodies were found. (Via ABC, euronews)