No Punishment For Teacher Who Made Kids 'Pay' To Pee

There will be no discipline for a Washington teacher after a child wet her pants because she didn't "pay" fake reward money to take a bathroom break.

No Punishment For Teacher Who Made Kids 'Pay' To Pee

A third grade teacher at Mill Plain Elementary School in Vancouver, Wash. will not face discipline after a student wet her pants when she didn't use fake reward money to pay to use the restroom. Now the girl's mom is vowing to homeschool. 

Lilliana Ortega told reporters two of her teachers require her classmates to have fifty dollars in monopoly money in order to use the bathroom, however they can choose to use that money on treats like toys or candy. (Via KOIN)

"When it comes to the bathroom, that's a health issue. Jasmine Al-Ayadhi's daughter Reem is in the same class as Lilliana, she too wet her pants on the same day last week. Both moms filed complaints with the district and want the policy stopped." (Via KATU)

But now Al-Ayadhi says she will homeschool her daughter after one of the unnamed teachers was not reprimanded following an investigation, in which the teacher was out of the classroom for one day then allowed to return.  

The Columbian reports, "The investigative report, released by the district Thursday afternoon, stated that the classroom policy for additional bathroom breaks came in response to numerous class interruptions, with students leaving to use the restroom. The decision to use classroom dollars was based on the class system already in place. The teacher did not want to introduce a new bathroom pass system that would require students to navigate two systems." The teachers union defended that decision.

And the district spokeswoman told KATU the monopoly money is a form of checking out, like sign out sheets or bathroom passes. She added, "Elementary school children may have accidents ... That’s why we have an entire clothes closet." (Via KATU)

The investigation into Lilliana's incident is still pending.