North Korea Fires More Test Missiles As Tensions Rise

Missile tests continue to strain relationship between North and South Korea after two tests by the North only days apart.

North Korea Fires More Test Missiles As Tensions Rise

A maritime border off the eastern coast of North and South Korea again became a source of tension Sunday morning when North Korea fired two test missiles into the water without warning.

"‚ÄčNorth Korea test fired two short range missiles off the waters of its eastern coast line, the missiles are believed to be scud missiles." (Via Al Jazeera)

"In a move that threatens to escalate tensions North Korea reportedly fired two short range missiles into eastern waters." (Via MSNBC)

The test came around 5 a.m. local time. North Korea had fired another set of missiles in the same region just days before. 

"North Korea fired three short range projectiles off its east coast on Thursday afternoon local time. Flew roughly 300 kilometers before landing in waters in North Korea and Japan." (Via Arirang)

"The test comes just days after Pyongyang fired what it says were precision guided missiles, but U.S. officials doubt that claim." (Via CNN)

The United Nations has long banned the country from testing these ballistic missiles. While the exact motivation behind the latest round of tests is unknown, many speculate it's in response to South Korea's own military exercises. (Via The New York Times)

"North Korea frequently test fires missiles sometimes to improve its military capabilities, but also to express is anger at South Korea and the United States." (Via BBC)


But North Korea's anger with South Korea may be more directly tied to the Chinese president's upcoming visit to Seoul. According to Yonhap "It would be the first time in more than two decades for a sitting Chinese president to visit South Korea before traveling to North Korea, a last-remaining ally of China."

China is North Korea's only major ally, often providing economic support to the country and serving as a go-between for negotiations with North Korea. (Via Google)

Both missiles landed in international waters beyond sea borders for both North and South Korea. Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to the South is scheduled for July 3 and 4.