North Korean State TV May Soon Feature 'The Teletubbies'

The Independent reports "Dr. Who and "Top Gear" are also under consideration as part of a deal with the U.K.'s Foreign Office.

North Korean State TV May Soon Feature 'The Teletubbies'
BBC / "The Teletubbies"

Everyone's favorite multi-colored baby aliens may be headed to the world’s most isolated country.

“Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa, Po.”

We're, of course, talking about “The Teletubbies."  (Via BBC / "The Teletubbies"

British paper The Independent is reporting North Korea has chosen three BBC programs to potentially broadcast — “The Teletubbies,” “Dr. Who,” and “Top Gear." This, as part of a deal negotiated with the U.K.’s Foreign Office.

Seems like an unusual move for a government that once reportedly executed 80 people for watching smuggled DVD South Korean soap operas. (Via International Business Times

But a writer for Quartz explains why airing a show like the "The Teletubbies" might actually make perfect sense. 

“For state authorities, a deal with the BBC could be a way to bring viewers back to state television, which airs mostly propaganda programs, and retain control of what foreign content North Koreans see.”

It would be a first for the state’s sole broadcaster. Korean Central Television is reportedly only allowed to air six-and-a-half hours a night and is dominated by stories praising the achievements of Kim Jong Un. (Via Korean Central Television

But it could have the adverse effect. As one expert from the Media Research Center told Fox News: “Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is what will average North Koreans think about the world outside from watching ‘Teletubbies’ and ‘Dr. Who?’ What will they think the West is like?”

Like any story coming out of the reclusive nations, it's nearly impossible to verify. And while it might seem a bit odd, it’s not like this is the strangest news we’ve heard to come out of North Korea lately.  

Then there was that time Kim Jong Un reportedly had someone burned alive via a flamethrower. (Via National Post

The fake report that claimed North Korean had landed an astronaut on the sun. (Via  PolicyMic)

And we can’t forget reports that male students are being instructed to get the same haircut as the Supreme Leader. (Via Time

Bottom line is, we can't say for sure when or if Tinky Winky will make it to the North Korean airwaves. But Conan O'Brien does offer a glimpse at what that might look like. 

“All hail supreme cultural leader — Dennis Rodman! Another perfect day in our North Korean paradise!” (Via TBS / "Conan"