Note Left At Scene Of Deadly Mail Bomb

Federal investigators won't say what's in the note, but it was found at the scene where a mailed package exploded killing a retired lawyer.

Note Left At Scene Of Deadly Mail Bomb

Police now say a deadly mail bomb in Tennessee that instantly killed a retired lawyer may have come with a note attached. Investigators think it's their best clue to finding the bomber.

"Federal investigators swarmed a quaint neighborhood in Lebanon, Tenn. The mail bomb killed John Setzer and critically wounded his wife on Monday." (Via CNN)

Late Wednesday, Tennessee media outlets began reporting John's wife, Marian, also died from her injuries after two days in a hospital in critical condition. (Via WATE)

While federal investigators are known for keeping the details of their cases out of the public, a former ATF agent pointed to the note found at the scene as key to possibly solving the case.


Joseph Vince said, "With a note in there, it very well may be some intentional revenge or something — that the attacker, the bomber, wanted to send them a message. This is a very important piece of evidence, because now you may have handwriting." (Via CNN)

Investigators say the bomb went off around 5 p.m. Monday. John once practiced bankruptcy law and friends didn't understand why someone would target him. (Via Daily Mail)

REPORTER: "They were good people."

KEN CALDWELL: "I thought this has got to happen to somebody else. This must be just a nightmare that I had because this kind of thing doesn't happen to people like that. It just was a total shock." (Via WTVF)

Federal investigators haven't described much about the package except it exploded near the side of the Setzers' home. It's also still unclear if they were the intended targets or victims of random violence.

ROBIN PHILLIPS: "It's kind of freaked me out."

REPORTER: "Robin Phillips refuses to check her mail."

PHILLIPS: "For the past two days, I haven't even checked the mailbox."

REPORTER: "Ilene Ash approached hers with trepidation."

ASH: "I backed my body up to the mailbox." (Via WSMV)

John Setzer was 74. Marian was 72. WTVF in Nashville is reporting local law enforcement have offered an $8,000 reward for any tip that leads to an arrest in the case.