Nude Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence Posted To Her Wikipedia Page

Just hours after news broke that Lawrence had declared August's nude photo hack a "sex crime," one of those nude photos was posted to her Wiki page.

Nude Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence Posted To Her Wikipedia Page
Getty Images / Mike Coppola

Jennifer Lawrence called the hacking of her personal photos a "sex crime" in an interview with Vanity Fair released Tuesday. Hours later, someone made one of those photos her Wikipedia page picture.

Jezebel has screenshots, though of course they're blurred. This happened Tuesday night. The outlet explains, "Lawrence's page is 'semi-protected,' which means that in order to edit it you have to be a registered member of Wikipedia." 

But it appears someone created a false account to make the changes. 

Administrators had the page changed back within about 20 minutes.

On Tuesday, Lawrence's silence on the August nude photo hack was finally broken when Vanity Fair published its cover story with her. 

The Oscar-winner called the hack a "sex crime," and said, "It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting."

So, following that declaration by posting her personal, naked photos to her Wikipedia page — a page that represents who she is and summarizes her life and achievements — posting those photos as the photos that define her? 

The message sent is that Lawrence doesn't matter as a person. Her choices don't matter. What matters is her body. (Video via NBC)

Refinery29 points out the move to put the photos on Wikipedia is similar to what happened... 

to Emma Watson after she spoke out about feminism for the United Nations. An online group said it would leak nude photos of her in response.

It turned out the group never intended to carry out the threat, but it still sent a message that threatening women with exposing their bodies was OK.

The FBI is investigating the August iCloud hack. Personal, private photos of Lawrence and multiple other female celebrities were distributed throughout the world.

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