Number Of Missing In Mudslide Drops To 90

The number of missing in the Wash. mudslide has dropped, but rescuers seem to be losing hope.

Number Of Missing In Mudslide Drops To 90

The search continues for survivors of the horrific mudslide in Washington. Officials are now saying the number missing is closer to 90, rather than 176 as previously thought. 

"Authorities have discovered another body in the mud and debris, that brings the number of victims to 25 ... the number of missing has dropped from 176 to 90." (Via KOMO)

"The logic is, there are 90 people on this list, and by now someone has reached out and said, 'Hey, you're hometown, i heard about this — you need to call in.'"  (Via NWCN)

The community in the Oso. Wash. area has been torn apart by the tragedy. This is still a search-and-rescue operation, but hope is proving hard to hold onto. 

 "There's a point where you're head says it's a recovery operation and your heart still says it's a rescue operation, and I don't know which one of those is winning out right now." (Via KING)

Authorities say that the way the debris has fallen means there could be pockets in which people are still alive. The deadly landslide happened Saturday — hundreds of rescuers continue to work. Thirty-five people are listed as 'possibly missing' because it's unclear whether they were in the area at the time of the mudslide.