NY And NJ Order Ebola Quarantines For West Africa Travel

The governors of New York and New Jersey announced Friday they are ordering mandatory quarantines for certain travelers from West Africa.

NY And NJ Order Ebola Quarantines For West Africa Travel
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

New Jersey and New York have ordered mandatory 21-day quarantines in their states for any incoming travelers who’ve had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa.

The governors of both states held a press conference Friday to explain their decision. Neither were big fans of allowing travelers to self quarantine.

ANDREW CUOMO VIA WNBC: “Voluntary quarantine. No, it’s almost an oxymoron to me. This is a very serious situation.”

CHRIS CHRISTIE: “We tried voluntary quarantine once, with the NBC news crew and within a day or two they violated their agreement with us.”

According to WCBS, the new quarantine will put those who have had direct contact with Ebola patients in West Africa under automatic quarantine for 21 days at a government-regulated facility.

The governors say anyone else coming back will be monitored for temperature and symptoms by state health department officials.

During the conference Gov. Cuomo was openly critical of New York City’s recent ebola patient, Dr. Craig Spencer, saying “He’s a doctor and even he didn’t follow the guidelines for the quarantine.”

But some are worried the new mandatory quarantine will make doctors in the U.S. less likely to help those in West Africa.

ELIZABETH COHEN VIA CNN: “I’ve been talking to health care workers who’ve been to Africa they say they wouldn’t go back if they knew that upon their return they would have to be alone for 21 days, couldn’t see their family couldn’t work.”

And as The Wall Street Journal notes, international aid groups already have enough trouble attracting medical volunteers to West Africa due to the danger, emotional cost and training involved.

New Jersey’s quarantine was put into effect almost immediately as an unidentified woman who worked with Doctors Without Borders was put into isolation shortly after arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport.

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