The New York Times Says Trump Tried To Fire Mueller

The Times says Trump ordered special counsel Robert Mueller fired last year — but backed down after White House lawyer Don McGahn threatened to quit.

The New York Times Says Trump Tried To Fire Mueller
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The New York Times is reporting that President Trump would have fired special counsel Robert Mueller last summer — until White House counsel Don McGahn stopped him.

The Times cites four anonymous sources who say that Trump ordered McGahn to tell the Justice Department to fire Mueller in June 2017. That was after Trump learned the special counsel might be building an obstruction of justice case against him. McGahn reportedly refused to carry out the order and threatened to quit — prompting Trump to back down.

There have been some previous reports of McGahn thinking about resigning, though those reports were focused on McGahn's supposed frustration with meetings between Trump and his son-in-law, White House adviser Jared Kushner. 

Mueller's investigation has him reportedly angling for an interview with Trump — and The Times says Mueller is aware Trump reportedly tried to fire him.